Monday, October 31, 2011

My first foto...

...on Streamzoo. One week ago today, I discovered Streamzoo for Android. It is a social media photo sharing site. I access the site through the Android app which I downloaded on the Android market.

After downloading the app, I had set up a profile and started navigating through. The dashboard is fairly easy to navigate. I discovered streams,feeds,and the use of the "#" throughout. The dashboard also has buttons for popular (streams) and a button for leaderboard to name a few. What is 'streaming' are pictures that have been uploaded by people from all over the world. Since it is a cross-platform app, you can discover photos taken from both Android and iPhone platforms. You can also link your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. What is great is that you can follow other profiles and streams and see what they upload. There is a way to "like" a photo and leave comments or private messages to a fellow Streamzooer. You even earn points (which can earn you a spot on the leaderboard). What I enjoy about the system of communicating is that I can "like" a photo out of appreciation and admiration and further leave a comment if I wanted to.

I soon found myself uploading photos and spending time looking at some amazing and artistically edited images. The community is friendly, encouraging, and very active. It's a great community.

I had a Blackberry before I had gotten my Android and never had an iPhone so I can't explain the pull of Instagram for iPhone users, but what I can say is that Streamzoo is very addicting, especially if you love photos, photography, and social media in general. It's a great way to share your images with family and friends (both old and new). I'm not doing Streamzoo justice with my quasi-review so please just check it out.

*I would link to Streamzoo but I'm typing this on my phone :)

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