Friday, March 30, 2012

The A to Z challenge

For the month of April, I'm participating in the A to Z challenge. I first read about the challenge last year on Twitter while the challenge was nearing its end. I thought "how cool is this!" So this year I signed up to participate.

I use to post pictures often, experimenting with what I can capture just using my phone's camera, and editing through the various apps. I had a lot of fun. But this past year, I've had a hard time maintaining a regular posting schedule as my demands for work took up my time and then I made a decision to return to school after many (many) years. I would take the pictures but forget to post. Which made me (to be honest) a little lazy because I do everything through my phone and I always have it with me.

With the challenge, I figured I would try to capture a picture of something during my day, using the letter for that day, and then post to my blog...try to get back to what I had liked to do. (Bear with me as I try to learn how to use links with my phone). And to be on the safe side, shortly after I signed up I wrote down some ideas and took some photos to prepare in case something came here I am.

I like the idea that the A to Z challenge will make me focus on a yet another way to look at things because I've always just taken pictures of random things that capture my eye in that moment.

Aside from the challenge of capturing the alphabet through my pictures and attempting to post regularly, I'm really looking forward to discovering new blogs. I've already started yet there are so many people signed up, it's a bit overwhelming but I'm excitied to explore as many as I can before the month is up and continue to visit once the challenge is over.

Thanks in advance for visiting my blog.